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Rob Drexel Horsehair Pottery

RATING: star-cool

CATEGORY: Home and Barn Decor


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Aug 2010


Company: Rob Drexel


I don't know if you've ever attempted to throw a pot. I have and let me tell you, it is hard. I've never been able to get my clay centered. Centering your clay is an important step when working with a pottery wheel. So, I have a lot of admiration for talented potters.

These pots by Rob Drexel are made with horse hair mixed into the clay. The hair doesn't read as hair, it almost makes the clay appeared to have veins much like marble. These pots are a nice way to memorialize a equine friend who has passed on. I couldn't find a price for these items, but if you're interested in a Horsehair Pot, you can contact the artist via his website.

Show Horse Gallery - Rob Drexel Horsehair Pottery Show Horse Gallery - Rob Drexel Horsehair Pottery

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Aysha Yeiter

2016 04 04

Hello Mr. Rob Drexel,
My name is Aysha Yeiter. I am a Studio Art 3d Major at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne IN. I am making my first horsehair pots and wondered where you would suggest purchasing the chemical ferric chloride. All of the information I have found says that this is the chemical that potters apply to the work in order for the gold color to appear. I have been having a hard time finding somewhere to purchase it and wondered if you too used the same chemical.
Looking forward to your response,

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