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Tailspin Bracelet

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Jul 2010


Company: TailSpin Bracelets


When a beloved horse passes away, it's not unusual to keep the tail as a memento. There are several way to memorialize your horse using the tail hair. Turning the hair into a bracelet is just one option.

TailSpin Bracelets creates custom jewelry made from horse hair. Customers send in the hair and TailSpin Bracelets conditions it, braids it, and adds the clasp closures. Customers can also choose to add charms and beads for extra flair.

Customer Testimonial

"I received a bracelet my girlfriends made from my 31 year old mare Tara's tail. When I realized it was her tail hair I could not stop crying!!!!! It truly is the most sentimental piece of jewelry I own next to my wedding ring."

Show Horse Gallery - Tailspin Bracelet

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2012 03 15

Luv these bracelets…where did you get the ends and the horseshoe thingy?



Susan Brown

2012 07 21

My beautiful horse just passed away from colic this morning.  I did cut some of her tail.  I would love to have a bracelet made.  Thank you. S. Brown



Priscilla Temkey

2013 03 06

My horse died a week ago yesterday from colic. My husband cut some of his mane and tail because we had talked about doing a bracelet with his tail before he died. He was twelve, a stud black and white, but gentle as he could be



Tristin Buckridge

2013 05 31

this all seems really kewland i was wonderin wat different types of jewlery u guys make



barbara adams

2014 03 04

Needing to get braclet made for daughter




2014 05 15

I would like to let everyone know about the horsehair jewelry company known as Tailspin. I HIGHLY discourage anyone to do business with such a rude and disappointing company. The bracelet came back nothing as pictured and Kim was non apologetic and basically said too bad. I can only offer you a discount on buying another bracelet. WHAT?!?! This is horsehair that can not be attained again. BUYERS BE AWARE! Purchase horsehair items elsewhere. So disgusted on the customer service or lack there of that was just received. Worst ever!!!!!



Elijah Landry

2020 10 20

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2020 11 26

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