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MacPherson Leather Bareback Pad

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Jul 2012


Company: MacPherson Leather


Anyone who's ridden bareback knows how dirty your inside legs can become. If your horse has a bony back it can also be uncomfortable to ride without a little extra padding. A quality bareback pad, like this one by MacPherson Leather can alleviate both of these issues.

$165 at MacPherson Leather, click here to purchase one.

Show Horse Gallery - MacPherson Leather  Bareback Pad Show Horse Gallery - MacPherson Leather  Bareback Pad Show Horse Gallery - MacPherson Leather  Bareback Pad

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Mary Ann

2015 07 07

Can this pad be ordered with the English billets rather than the western latigo? If so, what is the cost of the pad and shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada? Thanks so much.




2020 03 04

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2021 03 16

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Oscar Wilde

2021 03 29

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