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Aneksja the Arabian

TAGS: Broodmare


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Jan 2013


Hometown: Aubrey, TX


An elegant, feminine, extremely high quality with an enchanting coat color and a royal pedigree, ANEKSJA adds tremendous genetic strength to the Toskhara broodmare band. ANEKSJA is a daughter of Polish National Champion BALON, who throughout his many years of useful service in Poland and Sweden, has been a consistent source of superior quality, refinement and structure, evident in such get as Polish National Champion ELLADA, Europa Cup winner FORINT and Produce Stakes winner HEBRON. Aneksja is one of his most appealing and regally bred daughters, who in every branch of her pedigree, traces to the most elite mares of the Polish breeding program.

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ANEKSJA adds gigantic hereditary solidarity to the Toskhara broodmare band. ANEKSJA is a girl of Polish National Champion BALON, who all through his numerous long periods of helpful assistance in Poland and Sweden, has been a reliable wellspring of unrivaled quality.



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