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Fire Magic the Friesian

TAGS: Dressage, Stallion, Trick Horse, Unusual


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Dec 2009


Hometown: Auburn, CA


Fire Magic is an extremely rare Chestnut Friesian, in fact he is the only red Registered Friesian stallion in the world. Fire Magic is the star performer of The Magical World of Dancing Horses. He is proficient in Piaffe and Passage. Breyer even made a model horse of Fire Magic. Read on for more photos AND a video of this talented and well trained stallion.

Show Horse Gallery - Fire Magic Show Horse Gallery - Fire Magic Show Horse Gallery - Fire Magic Show Horse Gallery - Fire Magic

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2016 01 05

I am amazed at the small size of the arena in the video. A very nice performance by the horse and rider.




2019 05 08

They make incredible riding mounts and are exceptionally capable in dressage, on account of their insight and eagerness to learn. Friesians are truly trainable, and their athletic ability enables them to execute more elevated amount developments than your normal steed can perform.



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2019 05 17

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2019 07 23

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2019 08 02

Wow. This is really crazy to see the fire magic. I am sure that this would require much more training and a good practice to cover all this.



kathleen swafford

2019 09 02

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