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Colonels Smoken Chex the Paint

TAGS: Reining, Stallion


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Jul 2012


Hometown: Whitesboro, Texas


His coppery metallic coat shines in the sun; a picture of health and good care. Colonels Smoken Chex is a striking Paint Horse Stallion. His white markings are so perfect; with four white knee high socks and bald face and a white streak through his tail. Un-shown due to an injury Colonels Smoken Chex hasn't been able to prove himself in the showring but he comes from a long line of very productive reining horses.

Colonels Smoken Chex is a four year old Stallion by Nu Chex To Cash and out of the famous mare Sugar Pop Gun. Nu Chex To Cash is the sire to such great stallions as Wimpys Little Step and Big Chex To Cash. Sugar Pop Gun has NRHA LTE of over $21,000. Sugar Pop Gun was herself a NRHA Open Futurity Finalist and a NRBC Open Classic Finalist. Her offspring have earnings over $77,000 in earnings. Sugar Pop Gun has also produced such great horses as The Sweet Spot, an NRHA Derby Open Finalist and NRBC Open Classic Finalist.

Colonels Smoken Chex has amazing color and a wonderful disposition. This, along with his exceptional pedigree, are sure to make him a great sire. Colonel Smoken Chex is Herda N/N. For breeders looking for a stallion to give foals amazing color, attitude and pedigree, Colonel Smoken Chex is a good choice.

Show Horse Gallery - Colonels Smoken Chex Show Horse Gallery - Colonels Smoken Chex Show Horse Gallery - Colonels Smoken Chex Show Horse Gallery - Colonels Smoken Chex

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Kirby Jonas

2014 02 05

This horse is incredibly gorgeous. I would like to do a painting of him! WOW! I would be happy to do a portrait of him for you, too, if you would like. Just for fun. Maybe an 8 by 10.




2014 03 03

WOW! He is absolutely incredible! I can’t stop looking at those pictures!





window 10

2019 04 28

Very wonderful…



sadashiv jiil

2019 04 28

Eyes of this horse is very beutiful. use this



Shelley L Latta

2020 07 17

God only if we could Breed my Very Smart Fast !! Wanting to please you Mare !!! To HIM. WE WOULD HAVE A GOLD MINE. SHELLEY 801/556/7535




2020 08 07

Thanks for the information you shared, I will contact them now! ludo king



Angel Sof

2020 10 16

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San Diego

2020 11 30

That’s an incredibly good looking horse! Looks like it can jump over San Diego Fencing with ease.



Lauren. P

2020 11 30

That’s a good looking horse, great height too! Perfect ride for my kitchen hood cleaning services in San Diego smile




2021 07 06

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Meble loftowe

2021 10 22

Horses are just beautiful! So arfe these furniture!



Harriet Hawkins

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