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Angel Kisses the National Show Horse

TAGS: Driving, English Pleasure, Halter, Hunter, Saddle Seat


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Mar 2010


Hometown: Lee's Summit, MO


Angel has been in the show ring for Halter, Country English Pleasure Driving, Hunter Under Saddle and Country English Pleasure Under Saddle. She was the 2006 American Royal Supreme Halter Champion. She has a very feminine head and a good amount of substance to her build. As a half-Arabian and half-Saddlebred she is registered as a National Show Horse.

Show Horse Gallery - Angel Kisses Show Horse Gallery - Angel Kisses

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2010 03 02

One of my first horses was a National Show Horse . . . Roy.  yeah, I didn’t name him.  Anyway, still one of my favorite horses!  Didn’t look too different than the red beaut above. :0)




2010 03 02

I really like NSH. I thought long and hard about buying one. I ended up with a half-Appaloosa/half-Saddlebred.



Johnnie Myers

2019 07 09

Wow, stunning. He actually looks like he may be an amber cream champagne with double cream.




2019 10 29

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Rodney I. Young

2020 02 01

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2024 05 23

Angel’s versatility shines in the show ring, excelling in Halter, EZ Diagnostic Country English Pleasure Driving, Hunter Under Saddle, and Country English Pleasure Under Saddle. Her impressive performance across multiple disciplines demonstrates her athleticism, training, and adaptability. With a diverse skill set and impeccable presentation, Angel continues to make a mark in various equestrian events, showcasing her talent and versatility.

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