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Billy Jack the Mustang

TAGS: Dressage, English Pleasure


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Sep 2010


Hometown: Paris, KY


Here's a little 14 hand mustang gelding with pure, old fashioned good looks. A lovely shade of buttermilk with dark dark legs, Billy Jack is a grullo Colonial Spanish Horse. I get a kick out of his two tone mane. Those highlights are completely natural. Billy Jack is triple registered with the Spanish Mustang Registry, Horse of the Americas and the American Indian Horse Registry. Billy Jack represented the Colonial Spanish & Spanish Mustang in the Parade of Breeds for 2008 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Kudos Billy smile

In addition, Billy is going to be on exhibit a the 2010 World Equestrian Games in a few weeks which includes being part of the Opening Ceremonies. Can we say jealous? I wish I was going to the WEG!

Is Billy Jack your type of horse? Check out his for sale ad.

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