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Crocodile Dundy Z the Holsteiner

TAGS: Jumping, Sporthorse, Stallion


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Jun 2012


Hometown: High Offley, Stafford


Crocodile Dundy Z is a beautiful dappled showjumper. His jumping ability is readily apparent from his photographs. He makes clearing large oxers looks easy as pie. His powerful and scopey jump sends him sailing over fences. His talent runs in the family of course. With a sire who's competed in 2 Olympics, Crocodile Dundy Z's showjumping prowess is his birth right.

Show Horse Gallery - Crocodile Dundy Z Show Horse Gallery - Crocodile Dundy Z Show Horse Gallery - Crocodile Dundy Z Show Horse Gallery - Crocodile Dundy Z

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2020 03 30

I have never seen a provider goes to the extremes that these guys do to help you get on board smoothly and help you get up and running quickly. krunker



Vincent K. Westlund

2020 05 23

This horse is having very good name Crocodile which is the name of a wild animal. Those are really great pictures which are taken at highest level. I have downloaded these pictures from one of the Assignment Man  blogs there are more in number than I see in this blog. The jump of horse picture is really awesome one to look at it.



camelia born

2020 09 17

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Oscar Wilde

2021 03 05

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Jacklin Albert

2021 08 10

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Clarke Adams

2021 10 21

Wow. Dundy seems to be such a polite and loving steed. I’ve always had a deep passion for horseriding. Since I’ve been born and raised on a farm, I used to ride my horse Philip every morning wearing my marlon brando the wild one jacket and the two of marching into the horizon as the sun peeked from the mountains. Loved that time!



David Christain

2022 02 16

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Betty Justice

2022 06 06

<a >WordPress web design company USA</a> love the way you’ve captured the movement of this horse. The photos really convey his athleticism and grace.

I also like that you’ve included a few shots of him jumping in the air—it adds a sense of scale and excitement to the piece, which is good for a showjumper!



peter shawn

2022 08 02

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