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Decreto the Andalusian

TAGS: Dressage, Stallion


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Sep 2010


Hometown: Madrid, Spain


This bay stallion's coat looks like it is made of burnished bronze. Decreto was qualified as Excellent at the Ministry dressage competitions. Decreto has one of the most muscular and thick necks I have ever seen shy of a draft horse. I don't mean that as a put down either, this horse is just extremely muscular.

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2010 10 01

His neck is thick because he has a large crest; it’s a conformation fault commonly found in draft breeds, andalusians, morgans, ponies, and stallions.




2010 10 05

Better than my mare who has a large crest because she can seemingly gain weight from thin air.




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Jhonny. P

2020 11 30

Decreto’s neck is as thick as my Rancho Cucamonga retaining walls! Your horse is really very muscular.



Sridevi. K

2020 11 30

There is no need for a towing truck when you have a horse that strong!




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