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Dun It Ok the Quarter Horse

TAGS: Reining, Stallion


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Jun 2012


Hometown: Medical Lake, WA


Dun It Ok is lousy with dun factor. He's got wonderful barring on his shoulders and withers. At first glance you might think Dun It Ok is a straight dun, however his creamy color is actually called "dunskin" which is buckskin plus dun. He is homozygous for dun so all his babies are little dun copies. But, Dun It Ok isn't just about good looks and fun colors, he's also a money earning Reiner.

Show Horse Gallery - Dun It Ok Show Horse Gallery - Dun It Ok Show Horse Gallery - Dun It Ok Show Horse Gallery - Dun It Ok

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Lisa cooley

2012 11 30

I have seen pics of dun it ok..he is small 14 hands maybe. His foals are tiny..his front feet both turn out..evidence supporting this is below



meg marie

2013 08 15

Foolishness Lisa. If he toes out how can he also have acquired six ABRA halter points. The photo you referenced is only in the way he was set-up at that moment.  LOOK AT THE OTHER PHOTOS!
Additionally it states on his web page that he stands a firm 14.3hh.
IF his foals are tiny (& gentically they will average 14.2-15hh) oh well.. they seem to sell the minute they are born. js



Cheryl Chatman

2015 07 18

I think it is awful for people to bad mouth other people’s stallions.  If you don’t like him then keep your mouth shut.  I think he is absolutely gorgeous and will be breeding to him in 2016.  You want them shorter for reining and cow working.



Josie Weeks

2016 09 25

His foals are correct and the one i have is very big.



Erin Rogers

2016 12 09

My colt is by Dun It Ok, and he is HUGE. His confirmation is perfect, and his beautiful floaty lope is to die for. He is extremely intelligent and remarkably good minded, as well as utterly fearless - he just doesn’t spook. He’s also an absolutely GORGEOUS dun roan. If you want a colt that is smart, good minded, well built, and beautiful, breed to Dun It Ok.



Juan Coleman

2019 10 31

Really smart man and I liked all the pictures. My grandfather used to ride the horse like this he is doing. I felt at that time when I used to see him riding the horse. That’s called ukessays royal life.



Carver Leo

2020 07 01

Sweet It Ok is lousy with a sweet factor. He had amazing restraints on his shoulders and aches. I do have follow this page. At first glance you might think Sweet It Ok is sweet directly, however its creamy color is called “dunskin” which is buckskin with sweet. He is homozygous for playing so all his kids are sweet little creatures.



Rams. A

2020 11 28

Fantastic! Wanta a horse you have in there. Dun It Ok looks like can reach my kitchen hood with ease. Great height and sturdy posture!



Jeromy. A

2020 11 28

What is the height of Dun It Ok? Seems to be tall enough to rip of my popcorn ceiling quite easily smile



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james zen

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zoey addison

2024 05 04

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