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Hotshot Harley the Appaloosa

TAGS: Hunter, Most Colorful, Trail


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Feb 2012


Hometown: Salinas, CA


Harley is tall and lanky as a 16.3 coming three year old. Imagine how good he'll look once he fills out. He's got beautifully loud appaloosa markings and a very nice trot.

Show Horse Gallery - Hotshot Harley Show Horse Gallery - Hotshot Harley

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This equine is known for it's black and white stripes and is from Africa

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Harley Kshlerin

2021 01 13

I really love animals and have good time watching them. I just admired these horse pictures. This Harley is so beautiful as well as very attractive. I often write my experiences on blogs about all the animals I do visit or watch them.



Wade Bravo

2021 05 22

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