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King Jacks Skippin the Quarter Horse

TAGS: Barrel Racing, Cow Horse, Reining, Roping, Stallion


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Feb 2011


Hometown: Hartford, WI


King Jacks Skipping has quite the alphabet soup attached to him as an AQHA, IBHA, ABRA, ARHA registered buttermilk buckskin reining stallion. Jack competes in Reining, Barrels and Working Cow Horse. Also, take a peak at the cute black lining on his ear ridge. I chose Jack because he's a hard-working, versatile work horse but he's also super cute.

Show Horse Gallery - King Jacks Skippin Show Horse Gallery - King Jacks Skippin Show Horse Gallery - King Jacks Skippin Show Horse Gallery - King Jacks Skippin Show Horse Gallery - King Jacks Skippin

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2011 12 30

Hey, I am Elizabeth. Your horse is very pretty. I have a registerd Buttermilk Buckskin to. He is no Stud (Stallion) but he works like one. Well, you have a very pretty horse.



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