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Navarano the Andalusian

TAGS: Stallion


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Jan 2010


Hometown: Washinton State area


Navarano is a beautiful horse. He's shiny, he's black and he's got a thick wavy mane and tail. Navarano was unable to be shown due to an injury he received as a baby. That doesn't change that he's a beautiful example of his breed. So enjoy his photos...

Show Horse Gallery - Navarano Show Horse Gallery - Navarano Show Horse Gallery - Navarano Show Horse Gallery - Navarano Show Horse Gallery - Navarano

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2010 06 11

Who has the audacity to be making comments like “I really believe that stallions should have a job and that they need prove themselves in the showring before they are used for breeding… I could not find a single photo of Navarano under saddle,” without signing their name? Because they should be questioned about using photos without the consent of the owner. Good job.




2010 06 13

Sorry that you find my featuring this horse to be so offensive. I’ve sent you a private email in regards to your concerns. Meanwhile it’s not hard to contact me, there is a contact form on this website and my email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




2012 04 12

The reason he wasn’t shown was because he broke his hip when he was a baby (my friend has a filly out of him).  As a result, they were going to euthanize him, but a lady purchased him for a measly $18,000 (if I’m not mistaken.  I know it was a low ball figure for a PRE).  He made a full recovery because of his temperament.  I know my friend’s baby (out of him) came out AMAZING.  She has the sweetest, most willing temperament and is awesome with kids.  She is so incredibly patient.  I highly recommend this stallion.



Deborah Montgomery

2018 05 07

I have a mare from him and she is awesome. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person and he is beautiful and sweet.  I saw him under saddle and he moved and behaved wonderfully. He is a very very nice horse.



gazebo nz

2019 06 26

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Reynolds S.

2019 09 30

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Timothy Dalton

2020 02 18

I have a 3/4 andalusian 1/4 percheron son out of this stallion and I am wondering if anyone knows if he’s still alive and if so where he is located? I know it’s a long shot but I’m just curious.  He gave me the best horse I could have asked for.

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