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TA Glacier the Arabian

TAGS: Reining, Stallion


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Jan 2013


Hometown: Canyon Creek, Montana


"Glacier" is a pure Polish, Arabian stallion who is the 2009 Region 9 Reining Champion and who won 2008 National Top 10 Reining Futurity.

Show Horse Gallery - TA Glacier Show Horse Gallery - TA Glacier Show Horse Gallery - TA Glacier

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Steve & Suzanne Huston

2014 04 09

I believe Suzanne must have visited with you on the phone in regards to my message about the possibility of breeding our mare (Big Sky Arbas 0645312).  TS Glacier and our mares pedigrees are quite similar.  I guess I am not such a wise breeder that I see a problem with this situation, but believe it could be good combination.  Since we have not seen your stallion, it is pure guess work.  I truly enjoy the fact that he has such a great disposition. 
Do you have any knowledge about how your vet could send seaman.  We have a vet in Chinook that seems quite good in administration for that kind of breeding.  I guess we are not quite confirmed on this situation, but must continue to think towards a May breeding.  We also have a

registered Black 1/2 Arab that in reality is a purebred from our previous breeding escapades.  She is six years old and has a wonderful way of carrying herself when ridden.  As you might guess, I am also thinking about breeding her if they came into-season about the same time. 
All of this is a bit speculative at this point, but I can’t get the idea out of my head. 
Can you tell me when and where you might be showing TA Glacier this year?  Where could we see him in the next 30 days?  Any information you could offer would be appreciated.
Steve & Suzanne



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