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Zucchini Interagro the Lusitano

TAGS: Dressage, Stallion


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Jun 2011


Hometown: Healdsburg, CA


With an ultra adorable name like Zucchini, there was no chance that I would not feature this gorgeous buckskin Lusitano. Just look at him. Do I need to say anything about him really? He's just Zucchinirific. It's probably worth mentioning he's not to shabby a dressage horse.

Show Horse Gallery - Zucchini Interagro Show Horse Gallery - Zucchini Interagro Show Horse Gallery - Zucchini Interagro Show Horse Gallery - Zucchini Interagro

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2015 08 30

Beautiful horse <3



Kelvin James

2021 01 28

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Dustin Hunt

2021 04 02

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2024 01 28

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zoey addison

2024 05 20

Zucchini Interagro epitomizes the Lusitano breed’s elegance and athleticism, showcasing remarkable agility and grace in dressage. As an big dogs clothing    equestrian expert, I appreciate Zucchini’s exceptional conformation and willingness to perform intricate movements with precision. His presence in the arena captivates audiences, highlighting the Lusitano’s versatility and noble demeanor.

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