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A Different Kind of Cow “Pony”

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Apr 2011


Author: Katie


Regina of Germany wanted a horse, but her parents said no. So the resourceful teen trained one of the family's cows to ride and jump. The two share a remarkable bond that was cultivated over many hours spent together during training. Two years later "Luna" can hack with best of them. (I especially like Regina's fashion sense and the fact the cow goes in a simple halter.)

Read the full story at NBC Photo Blog

Show Horse Gallery - A Different Kind of Cow “Pony” Show Horse Gallery - A Different Kind of Cow “Pony”

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2015 08 30

If the cow could speak, she would have said ” i am NOT made for riding!”.



David Shipp

2020 03 24

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2020 11 05

Great blog, I hope to see even better pictures.



Bill K. Keller

2020 11 15

So sweet breed of Donkeys!
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2021 01 08

I love to ride to this kind of Pony!



shakeel ali

2021 02 03

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Cynthia Ashley

2021 02 06

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