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Rare Twin Horses Born



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Jun 2011


Author: Katie


A Shire mare recently birthed twin foals in Llandysul, Ceredigion Wales. Twinning is rare in horses. It most often results in the death of one or both twins. But happily that was not the case for show horse mom Penlan Ceri Rose.

The owners of Penlan Ceri Rose had no idea she was carrying twins as her ultrasound indicated she was carrying just one foal. It is generally recommended to terminate one foal in horses that do ultrasound positive for twins because the risk of carrying two foals to term is so dangerous.

Find the full story at Horse and Hound

Show Horse Gallery - Rare Twin Horses Born Show Horse Gallery - Rare Twin Horses Born

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Margie Feduck

2012 05 19

How exquisite they are… well done mum….



kimberly mcnally

2013 04 06

They are absolutely beautiful all 3.  Congratulations



Christina Becker

2013 05 02

Absolutely beautiful!



Pam Yakubek

2013 08 12

Ahh they are precious.  I love those gentle giants!!!



Jean Watson

2014 08 31

they will make a lovely evenly matched team in five years.  Who is the Daddy?




2015 01 22

soo cute want it



Linda Helms

2015 10 20

Having experienced the heart brake of our Arabian mare foaling still born filly twins, I can imagine the joy you are experiencing.  Best of luck!



Leona Bone

2016 03 23





2016 04 18

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Kate Jone

2021 03 17

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2021 06 10

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Abdullha Shaikh592

2021 06 10

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2021 06 11

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2021 10 22

Beautiful twin horses, so cute and sweet. We home to here more from you.

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