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A Manicure that Withstands Horse Back Riding

A Manicure that Withstands Horse Back Riding

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Derby Hat Decision



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Apr 2010


Author: Katie Brown


So, I'm going to the Kentucky Derby. Did I mention that? I've made the hotel reservations. I've planned out my schedule for driving there. I'm roped two friends into going. Now I have the very important decision left of what to do hatwise...

First off, I'm trying to do this trip on the cheap, so I don't want to spend $100+ on a hat I'll wear once. This is why I think I'm going to go with a straw fedora that I can pick up at Urban Outfitters for around $20. But on the other hand, when am I going to get another opportunity to wear an outrageously over the top hat like the one featured above?

I'm not going to worry about my dress or shoes until I have selected the hat. I do know that whatever I end up wearing needs to be comfy as I will be hanging out in the Infield where the party is at. (I expect there is a high likelihood that I will end up loosing my hat at the Derby. So again, I don't want to spend mega bucks.)


Option One is to go with an extremely feathered floppy hat in a muted color. I like this hat because it's elegant and crazy at the same time. Plus it'll go with anything I decide to wear. This is good because, I would really like to just reuse a dress currently residing in my closet rather then purchasing a new one. The downside is this hat is like $175 but I might be able to find a similar one for less.


Option Two is to pick what is essentially a pimp hat. Crazy colors? Check. Ostrich feathers? Check. Titled to the side while covering one eye? Check and check. A hat like this is sure to get commented on, which is right up my alley. On the other hand it limits my wardrobe choices.


Option Three is actually what I'm leaning towards. This is a simple light colored straw fedora. I like this option because it is inexpensive. I wouldn't be upset if I ended up loosing this hat, plus due to its smaller brim, I think I'd have an easier time navigating the crowds with this choice. I also just like the look. It's more contemporary and less ridiculous than a big floppy church hat.


Option Four is the same as option three but in a darker color.

What will I pick? Stay tuned.

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Mason Williams

2020 09 30

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Terry Mulhern

2020 11 24

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