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Getting in Shape



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Nov 2009


Author: Katie


January 1st of 2009, I watched a marathon of the Biggest Loser and saw in one day the contestants shrink to half their original size. I was feeling pretty low, because I had gained 6 pounds in December and was at the heaviest weight I'd ever been. My sedentary job meant that I wasn't moving much, the long hours meant that I didn't have time to work out. The Biggest Loser inspired me to get serious about getting in shape. I started slow. Step one was just deciding that being healthy was a priority.

I decided that no matter what, even if I had projects piling up, that I deserved one hour or 30 minutes a day to commit to working out. Promising myself that block of time, regardless of what else was going on was key.

I've been physically fit most of my life and running a mile used to be no big deal. However, as I was getting back into a fitness routine, running a mile was a lot harder then I remembered it being. Progress was slow and I wasn't loosing any weight...

I kept at it, slowing increasing how far I ran and how long I worked out for. I watched the Biggest Loser every Tuesday and it was a great mid-week motivator to stick with it. Even though I wasn't seeing the scale change, I started to feel better physically. I kept a calendar, that I marked everyday I worked out on, in the kitchen to help me keep track. Doing this got me into the habit of excercising regularly and I started to feel weird if I missed a workout.

My roommate commented to me two months into my new workout regime that I never said "I feel tired" anymore. I realized she was right. I used to complain about being tired all the time. Not anymore! So, even though I hadn't lost any pounds I kept going knowing I was making some kind of progress, even if it wasn't at the scale.

Eventually frustration was setting in about not loosing any weight even though I was consistently working out and making good food choices. I decided to get a jump start and hired a personal trainer. It was just the kick in the pants I needed. The trainer made me push myself harder then normal and I repeated the workouts I did with the trainer on my own in between sessions.

Finally, weight started to come off. This year I've lost 15 pounds. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I didn't have that much to lose to begin with, I was 30 pounds overweight for my height. I have 15 pound more to go.

One of the great things about dropping the weight is that I can zip up my riding boots again! At the beginning of the year I couldn't zip my boots up all the way, I had to leave them zipped up halfway, which wasn't ideal and a little embarrassing. My riding pants fit better too (the way they're supposed to). More than that, I can ride better. I have greater upper body strength, my legs are stronger, I don't get winded as easy. Riding is excellent exercise. I know it is, because if go riding for the first time in a long while, I am SO sore the next day. I think it's important though, if you want to be the best at riding you can be, to stay fit outside of the barn too. Running, weight lifting and stretching will help you be a better rider.

Hopefully six months from now, I'll be able to report that I've lost the second 15 pounds.

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