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Zenyatta’s Bid for Perfection

Zenyatta’s Bid for Perfection

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Sponsored Article - Win a $100 Dover Giftcard

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Mar 2011


Author: Half Off Horse Tack


Sign up at for a chance to win a $100 Dover Giftcard, amongst other prizes. Half Off Horse Tack is a new website where you get daily emails of discounted equestrian goods. Similar to Groupon, but just focused on horse tack, services, events and the like.

In addition to the daily deals, each advertiser is encouraged to give away one item to one lucky winner chosen at random from all Half Off Horse Tack subscribers. Sounds pretty good to me!

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Bridgette Cottrill

2012 06 06

please pick me i need this!!! smile



Krystal Rosebrock

2012 06 12

Please pick me I really nneed my own tack. The only way i ever get to ride my horse is if i borrow a friends tack.



Julia McCarthy

2012 12 15

I need new tack next year in order to show. My junior years end in a little over a year, and I want to cherish every second of it !



Tiarna Stuart

2013 02 06

awesome competition! i think my pony would love a bit of spoiling this year wink



micahela warren

2013 03 01

my big boy is ringing up the vet bills, and at the end of the day hes gonna need to be spoiled a little! great competition! smile




2013 04 29

Wow, this is really a generous give away! Really need a new bridle to fit my new horse, just can’t afford it at the moment so he’s waiting away in the padock..



Celine Depczynski

2013 05 22

Really would appreciate this! Hope the comp is still open! Thanks for the opportunity smile




2014 04 14

I lost all my tack and show cloths due to a fire, then a year later a tornado. I think my daughter and I deserve to get our lives back. We haven’t a single thing left.



Bindy Fuller

2014 07 31

I really need some new tack to spoil my horse



Braelin Smallwood

2014 08 03

Please pick me!!! I need to get new tack for my horses. My dad was in the hospital for 4 months and he died and we don’t have money to buy new tack. Also I have to buy tack with my money since my mom doesn’t have any money. Please this would be so great!!!



Joanna Hammel

2015 12 12

Thanks for hosting this contest!




2021 01 14

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Mei Sanai

2021 02 08

Do you want to have a trundle daybed as long as there’s enough space beneath for another mattress? Welcome to read our reviews.



Janisa Armiyah

2021 02 16

I like give aways. Thank you for this one. Welcomw to read about what is s1 and s2.

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