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Proud Assiniboine the National Show Horse

TAGS: Dressage, Halter, Hunter


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Apr 2011


Hometown: Yelm, Washington


I like this half-Arabian, half-Saddlebred gelding a lot. I like his clean neck, sweeping shoulder, balanced conformation, handsome face, and it doesn't hurt that his owners have done a beautiful job of turning him out. "JD" is a dressage horse who scores in the high 60s to low 70s. He placed second in the nation for USDF Pinto All Breed award. Beyond dressage JD has done halter, hunter, country pleasure, show hack and some western. JD is also for sale at the time of featuring him, just fyi.

Show Horse Gallery - Proud Assiniboine Show Horse Gallery - Proud Assiniboine Show Horse Gallery - Proud Assiniboine

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