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A Truly Drool-worthy Indoor Arena

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Mar 2012


Author: Katie Brown


I stumbled across this photo on Pinterest and I am in love with this indoor riding arena. I've never seen an indoor quite like this one. I wish I knew where it was from.

I've ridden in several indoors, but I've never had the pleasure of riding in one this nice. There are many features to love about this indoor. For starters, the ceiling is so high, you never would feel cramped jumping over fences. There's a lot of floor square footage to give you plenty of space to run. I remember one indoor I used at a former boarding facility (and I was glad to have it) that was very small. You couldn't do much jumping. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to do a course of jumps during the rainy season in an indoor like this one.

Beyond the enviable size of this indoor, there's plenty of natural light from the huge side windows and skylights which helps alleviate that claustrophobic feeling I get from many indoor arenas. One of the wonderful things about riding is it gets you outdoors. While it's nice to be able to ride inside when the weather's not playing nice, having windows to allow in natural light makes a difference if you've been forced to ride inside during daylight hours.

I know if I had access to a lit, indoor arena I would get a lot more riding time in. Unfortunately my working hours mean I don't get to see my horse during daylight hours during the work week. At my old riding barn that did have a lit arena I would go ride at night. I miss that. I hope one day to be able to afford my own horse property. While I'm dreaming, maybe I can afford an indoor arena like this one too...

Photo Credits: Pinterest. Where is this from? Email me at if you know.

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Patch Management

2015 04 29

I never see these kind of Horse indoor training arena before. It is designed so well and according to the need of a horse. A perfect arena for baby horse training also they learn a lot about riding, running and other techniques.



Range Hood Philadelphia

2015 09 12

You have really shared an inspired post. I appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing.



Evan Fsiher

2015 09 12

Appropriate your work. Nice post and thanks for sharing. Range Hood Philadelphia



Kenneth Gladman

2016 11 07

The thing I love about this arena is the windows.  While being indoor you can still get that natural light that is so enjoyable.  This is something that seems to be missing in most indoor arenas.  The woodwork is beautiful in the trusses as well.  What great construction.

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