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Saddle Club TV Series

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Nov 2009


Author: Katie


I am 25 years old, and I watch plenty of shows that are age appropriate for me. Some of my must-watchs are "How I Met your Mother", "Monk" and the new Sci-fi remake "V". When they were still on the air I loved "Veronica Mars" and "Arrested Development". Despite a very strong previous hatred for it, lately I've come to appreciate how smart and funny "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is. That all being said, I can't help but enjoy several shows meant for pre-teen and early teenage girls. I'm guilty of watching all three "High School Musical" movies and the "Hannah Montana" movie and wholeheartedly enjoying them. Another of these guilty pleasures is the Saddle Club TV series.

Frankly what's not to like about Saddle Club the TV series? It's got a lot of my favorite things in it:

1) Australian accents have a magical power, there is something about them that I find incredibly charming. They are easily my favorite accents. For whatever reason, all the actors in the Saddle Club show are Australian. And no, I can not tell the difference between a New Zealand accent and an Aussie accent.

2) Golf people love to watch golf shows. Me, I'd rather poke my eye out with a golf tee then watch a televised Golf match. But, I do understand why Golfers enjoy watching them so much. It's their hobby. Well, I like watching shows that have horses or horseback riding as a central component. That's my hobby. Saddle Club is mostly set in and around a riding facility called Pine Hollow and all the characters are horsepeople.

3) I read the Saddle Club books growing up, so it's some what nostalgic to see the stories recreated on TV. They don't follow the books faithfully, but it's close enough. I always thought the Saddle Club books would make a good television series.

Brett Tucker

4) The actor who plays, Max the barn owner, is extremely handsome. Couple that fact with his Australian accent, and that's enough reason for me to watch this show - content be damned.

I watched the first two seasons of Saddle Club and it took a very long hiatus before Season 3 was produced. In preparation for this article I checked out the show's website to discover they've replaced the entire cast and they've gone back in time. At the end of Season 2 the main characters, Stevie, Lisa, Carol and Veronica were probably about 14 or 15 years old. The new cast is noticeably younger and it's a very bizarre thing for a show to go back in time like that. They've also replaced the barn owner Max, with an actor who is not nearly as attractive.

I no longer have the cable channel this show airs on so I haven't seen any of the new episodes. Has anyone seen the new season? How does in compare to the previous two?

Some of my gripes about this show

Garnet's gender changes from male to female mid-way through one series. In the books Garnet was always a girl. Halfway through the television show Garnet goes from being a mare to being referred to as a "him". Very odd.

The girls Carol, Lisa and Stevie get away with bloody murder. Steal a horse? No problem, slap on the wrist. They do a lot of really ridiculous and dangerous things with out any repercussions. They go riding without adult supervision all of the time.

The acting is horrendous. There's a lot of pouty-lip and puppy dog eyes to indicate when a child actor is sad or sorry. Somebody hire those girls an acting coach quick! At least the adults in the show are much more believable.

The storylines are so saccharine and formulaic I could almost feel myself getting dumber while watching them. Yet, for some reason still enjoyed watching it. Go figure.


All in all, it's your average teenybopper TV show featuring horses as the hook.

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2014 11 23

I love too watch your episodes




2015 08 08

I love watching the saddle club on u tube, but can’t find it on tv. Could you tell me where I could find it?



Trent M. Smith

2020 10 06

Oh, “High School Musical” is my favorite as well.  Saddle Club TV series looks like about horses? I should have a look then after I finish my homework and writemyessay.

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