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Whisper Gets Adopted by Willie Nelson

Whisper Gets Adopted by Willie Nelson

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Jul 2010


Author: Katie


Sidesaddle developed as a way for women to ride their own horses, while maintaining a modest dress (riding astride in a long flowing skirt, probably not the most practical thing in the world) and because, you know, classy, chaste ladies keep their legs together.

Writer Rita Mae Brown once stated, "If the world were a logical place, men would ride side saddle." I find that quote very humorous, as I've had several males I know complain they don't enjoy riding due to unpleasant squishing that us women simply don't have to be concerned about.

Either way, riding sidesaddle seems difficult regardless of gender. Keeping your balance on a horse, while being kept in a position that inherently is off balance, I imagine, is no easy task. I've never ridden sidesaddle myself as this style of riding is very uncommon in modern times. Plus sidesaddles themselves are rare and expensive.

Rather than regurgitate information about Sidesaddle riding that is readily available at Wikipedia, I just wanted to share some Sidesaddle jumping photos I found that are very interesting. Jumping Sidesaddle must be both thrilling and unnecessarily difficult.

Show Horse Gallery - Sidesaddle Show Horse Gallery - Sidesaddle

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